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Canadian Delegation: Pioneering Sustainable Mining Solutions

August 24, 2023

In response to Germany’s escalating demand for raw materials and critical minerals, Canada has emerged as a leading force in sustainable extraction technologies. With a commitment to greener mining practices, Canada’s innovative approach facilitates a seamless transition towards electrification and autonomous mining, ultimately bolstering efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This progressive mindset ensures industry growth and secures a vital social license crucial for navigating the global shift towards a greener, zero-carbon mining landscape.

The Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator of Canada (MICA) takes immense pride in orchestrating a delegation comprising approximately 20 representatives from various corners of the nation. This delegation boasts a diverse makeup, encompassing medium-sized companies, mine operators, and institutions. The event, scheduled from September 4 to 8, features a comprehensive program that spans industry visits, workshops, and conference participation.

Over two days, delegates will engage in company visits to explore cutting-edge environmental technologies and energy-efficient practices. A dedicated day is allocated for a mining innovation workshop, fostering collaboration between Canadian and German entities in the realm of mining innovation. Subsequently, a two-day presence at the High-Performance Mining Conference, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Mining Technology (AMT) of RWTH Aachen University, will see seven Canadian company representatives deliver insightful talks.

MICA’s resolute dedication to greener mining practices resonates in its initiatives. Germany is identified as a pivotal partner in driving forward these innovations on an international stage. The Canadian delegation comprises SMEs actively championing causes such as carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency, electrification, and enhanced mining productivity. Collaborations between Canada and Germany are proving to be catalysts for transformative business interactions and elevated partnership standards. Alain Thivierge, Director of Global Outreach at MICA and Directeur, Liaison Internationale at ACIM, expresses gratitude towards VDMA Mining and the AMT Institute for their integral roles in fortifying this alliance.

MICA’s commitment to a German-Canadian mining innovation and commercialization alliance stands unwavering. “Canada is increasingly coming into focus for German mining suppliers. The association (VDMA Mining) are very pleased that such a high-ranking delegation is visiting us. Following two of our delegation trips to Canada in 2023, it is now being followed by a Canadian delegation to learn about sustainable mining, automation, electrification, and increased efficiency and to intensify contacts with our German machine manufacturers”, says Stephan Oehme, the representative for this domain at VDMA Mining. Plans are underway for another German delegation’s visit to Canada in the upcoming year.

Distinguished members of the Canadian delegation include the MICA network, Agnico Eagle, Vale, Mila Institute, MaRS Discovery District, Optis, Center for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering (CIMRE), Red Paramount Iron, Destiny Copper Inc., GRI Simulations Inc., ALS Goldspot Discoveries Ltd, IMI International Manufacturing Inc., Symboticware, MineSense Technologies, and other representatives from the UK and South Africa.

Should you have inquiries, Alain Thivierge of MICA / ACIM can be reached at 1-849-360-4705 or via email at