Funded Projects

CFP #1

ApoSys Technologies


Project Description: Underground Positioning System and its Application for Autonomous, Automation and Mining Safety.

Approved MICA Funding: $648,883.00

Extract Energy

Extract Energy

Project Description: Capture and conversion of Mining Low-Grade Waste Heat.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,099,348.00

Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience Ltd.

Project Description: 4D Data Integration for Mining.

Approved MICA Funding: $476,643.00

Ambra Solutions

Ambra Solution Inc

Project Description: Intelligent Positioning System.

Approved MICA Funding: $521,544.00

ABC Dust Technologies

ABCDust Technologies Corp

Project Description: Smart Customized Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Pilot Plant and Industrialization facility.

Approved MICA Funding: $726,948.00

H2nanO Incorporated

H2nanO Incorporated

Project Description: Passive Sunlight Treatment for Managing Mining Process Water Risks.

Approved MICA Funding: $315,780.00

waterStrider Treatment

WaterStrider Treatment Inc.

Project Description: Amprey Removal of Dissolved Metals from Mine Water.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,263,861.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Project Description: HELIX Saturn: Amphibious Rover for Geotechnical Surveying of Tailings Storage Facilities.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,194,568.00

Cheetah Networks

Cheetah Networks Inc

Project Description: Visualization of Network Analytics in a Mine.

Approved MICA Funding: $456,914.00



Project Description: Smart Comminution in Mineral Processing.

Approved MICA Funding: $487,123.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Destiny Copper Inc

Project Description: Destiny Code Green.

Approved MICA Funding: $835,579.00

Rithmik Solutions Ltd

Rithmik Solutions Ltd.

Project Description: Equipment Doctor.

Approved MICA Funding: $577,834.00

EnviroMetal Technologies

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project Description: Gold Recovery Circuit Pilot.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,743,000.00

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.

Goldspot Discoveries Corp (Earth Labs Inc.)

Project Description: Machine Vision for Geological Knowledge Extraction.

Approved MICA Funding: $862,670.04

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Project Description: Multimodal Sensing System for Improved Productivity and Safety in Cave Mines.

Approved MICA Funding: $108,158.00

Linnovative Soutions

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project Description: Mining In-Shift Management (M-ISM) Software Package.

Approved MICA Funding: $279,940.00

CFP #2


Expeto Wireless Inc.

Project Description: Seamless Handover Between Disparate Networks for Autonomous Vehicles.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,032,294.00

Telescope Innovations

Telescope Innovations

Project Description: Carbon-negative production of lithium carbonate from continental brine.

Approved MICA Funding: $292,333.00


KorrAI Technologies Ltd

Project Description: Satellite-based subsidence monitoring solution to Measure Structural Displacement and Support Engineering Decisions.

Approved MICA Funding: $329,400

Baie Minerals

Baie Minerals Inc.

Project Description: Sustainable Extraction of Industrial Minerals and Decontamination of Toxic Waste from Abandoned Asbestos Tailings in Baie Verte.

Approved MICA Funding: $500,000

MacLean Engineering

Maclean Engineering

Project Description: A fully automated bolter for underground mining (985 Abi Bolter).

Approved MICA Funding: $900,000

RockMass Technologies Inc

RockMass Technologies Inc.

Project Description: Automated Geological and Geotechnical Mapping with LiDAR, machine learning, and computer vision.

Approved MICA Funding: $579,696


Litus Inc.

Project Description: Ultra lithium DLE Portable Demonstration Plant.

Approved MICA Funding: $400,000

KORE Geosystems

KORE Geosystems Inc.

Project Description: Core Logging Accelerated: Continuous Learning AI Platform.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,000,000

Elemission Inc.


Project Description: ECORE mobile laboratory.

Approved MICA Funding: $686,000

Red Paramount Iron

Red Paramount Iron Ltd.

Project Description: Lac Virot Project – Phase 1 and 2 Pilot Plant.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,400,000

MIRARCO Mining Innovation

MIRARCO Mining Innovation

Project Description: Battery mineral recovery and waste reduction through bioleaching of pyrrhotite tailings.

Approved MICA Funding: $280,027

Rockburst Technologies Inc.

Rockburst Technologies Inc.

Project Description: Transcritical CO2 Pulverization Core Advancement Upgrades.

Approved MICA Funding: $360,000

EnviroMetal Technologies

DMT Geosciences Ltd

Project Description: Continuous Automous Tomographic Monitoring for Tailings Dams and Embankments.

Approved MICA Funding: $289,000


LoopX Innovation Inc.

Project Description: Reliable 5G-enabled Autonomous Driving for Underground Mining.

Approved MICA Funding: $333,333

GRi Simulations Inc

GRi Simulations Inc.

Project Description: Dynamic Operations Simulation and Digital Twin Platform Development for Autonomous Mining Operations.

Approved MICA Funding: $621,249

Linnovative Soutions

Novamera Inc

Project Description: Surgical Mining – Rumbullion Vein – Hammerdown Mine Site – Newfoundland.

Approved MICA Funding: $850,005

KPI Mining Solutions

KPI Digital

Project Description:  KPI-COSMO Stochastic Mine Planning Software Suite

Approved MICA Funding: $1,150,000

SafetyScan Technologies

SafetyScan Technologies, A Division of 1695482 Alberta Ltd.

Project Description: SafetyScan 2.0 Cloud Software Development/Mine Implementation Project.

Approved MICA Funding: $213,639

Thorn Associates

Emily Thorn Corthay Inc. (operating as Thorn Associates)

Project Description: Artificial Intelligence-enabled (AI) Energy Management Information System (EMIS).

Approved MICA Funding: $284,241

KPI Mining Solutions

Prairie Clean Energy

Project Description:  Reducing the carbon intensity of heat consumption in Saskatchewan’s potash sector up to 80% using local biomass resources.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,100,000



Project Description: RIINO – Zero Emission Monorail Haulage.

Approved MICA Funding: $780,000

SightPower Inc

SightPower Inc.

Project Description: Mineshaft Inspection Automated System (MIAS).

Approved MICA Funding: $612,150


Destiny Copper Inc. (between Elemission and Emily)

Project Description: Destiny Code Blue.

Approved MICA Funding: $350,000



Project Description:  First integrated IoT+AI software solution for mining powered by satellite connectivity such as SpaceX.

Approved MICA Funding: $1,000,000