Access to Project Funding

One of the mandates of the MICA Network is to provide access to leverage funding for high-impact innovative clean technologies within one of the following four technical themes:

  • Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost.
  • Reduce Mining Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
  • Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.
  • Reduce Environmental Risk and Long-Term Liabilities.

The investment in the projects is to advance made-in-Canada solutions, commercialize new, late-stage, high impact mining technologies and accelerate the number and scale of SMEs engaged in mining.

Call for Proposals Open – Submission Deadline January 13, 2023


There are some overarching requirements In order to apply for leveraged funding:

  • Must be a member in good standing with the MICA Network (minimum SME Level1).
  • Must be incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada, carrying on business in Canada and have a presence in Canada.
  • Must have secured funding for the project to match the MICA investment.

Call for Proposal Process

All projects submitted for funding will be required to follow a detailed Call for Proposal Process (CFP). A CFP will be launched on specific dates with a timeline associated for submissions, evaluations and notification of applicants. Project submissions will only be accepted as a part of this formal process. Applications will not be considered outside of this process.

The Call for Proposal process will typically involve the following:

  • Submission of an Initial Application;
  • Approval to advance to Full Application;
  • Submission of Full Application; and
  • Approval of Full Application
Pytheas AI

Pytheas AI

Project description: Underground Positioning System and its Application for Autonomous, Automation and Mining Safety

Approved MICA Funding: $648,883.00

Extract Energy

Extract Energy

Project description: Capture and conversion of Mining Low-Grade Waste Heat

Approved MICA Funding: $1,099,348.00

Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience Ltd.

Project description: 4D Data Integration for Mining

Approved MICA Funding: $476,643.00

Ambra Solutions

Ambra Solution Inc

Project description: Intelligent Positioning System

Approved MICA Funding: $521,544.00

ABC Dust Technologies

ABCDust Technologies Corp

Project description: Smart Customized Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Pilot Plant and Industrialization facility

Approved MICA Funding: $726,948.00

H2nanO Incorporated

H2nanO Incorporated

Project description: Passive Sunlight Treatment for Managing Mining Process Water Risks

Approved MICA Funding: $315,780.00

waterStrider Treatment

WaterStrider Treatment Inc.

Project description: Amprey Removal of Dissolved Metals from Mine Water

Approved MICA Funding: $1,263,861.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Project description: HELIX Saturn: Amphibious Rover for Geotechnical Surveying of Tailings Storage Facilities

Approved MICA Funding: $1,194,568.00

Cheetah Networks

Cheetah Networks Inc

Project description: Visualization of Network Analytics in a Mine

Approved MICA Funding: $456,914.00



Project description: Smart Comminution in Mineral Processing

Approved MICA Funding: $487,123.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Destiny Copper Inc

Project description: Destiny Code Green

Approved MICA Funding: $835,579.00

Rithmik Solutions Ltd

Rithmik Solutions Ltd.

Project description: Equipment Doctor

Approved MICA Funding: $577,834.00

EnviroMetal Technologies

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project description: Gold Recovery Circuit Pilot

Approved MICA Funding: $1,743,000.00

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.

Goldspot Discoveries Corp (Earth Labs Inc.)

Project description: Machine Vision for Geological Knowledge Extraction

Approved MICA Funding: $862,670.04

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Project description: Multimodal Sensing System for Improved Productivity and Safety in Cave Mines

Approved MICA Funding: $108,158.00

Linnovative Soutions

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project description: Mining In-Shift Management (M-ISM) Software Package

Approved MICA Funding: $279,940.00