Access to Project Funding

One of the mandates of the MICA Network is to provide access to leverage funding for high-impact innovative clean technologies within one of the following four technical themes:

  • Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost.
  • Reduce Mining Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions.
  • Implement Smart, Autonomous Mining Systems.
  • Reduce Environmental Risk and Long-Term Liabilities.

The investment in the projects is to advance made-in-Canada solutions, commercialize new, late-stage, high impact mining technologies and accelerate the number and scale of SMEs engaged in mining.

The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.


There are some overarching requirements In order to apply for leveraged funding:

  • Must be a member in good standing with the MICA Network (minimum SME Level1).
  • Must be incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada, carrying on business in Canada and have a presence in Canada.
  • Must have secured funding for the project to match the MICA investment.

Call for Proposal Process

All projects submitted for funding will be required to follow a detailed Call for Proposal Process (CFP). A CFP will be launched on specific dates with a timeline associated for submissions, evaluations and notification of applicants. Project submissions will only be accepted as a part of this formal process. Applications will not be considered outside of this process.

The Call for Proposal process will typically involve the following:

  • Submission of an Initial Application;
  • Approval to advance to Full Application;
  • Submission of Full Application; and
  • Approval of Full Application
Pytheas AI

Pytheas AI

Project description: Underground Positioning System and its Application for Autonomous, Automation and Mining Safety

Approved MICA Funding: $648,883.00

Extract Energy

Extract Energy

Project description: Capture and conversion of Mining Low-Grade Waste Heat

Approved MICA Funding: $1,099,348.00

Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience Ltd.

Project description: 4D Data Integration for Mining

Approved MICA Funding: $476,643.00

Ambra Solutions

Ambra Solution Inc

Project description: Intelligent Positioning System

Approved MICA Funding: $521,544.00

ABC Dust Technologies

ABCDust Technologies Corp

Project description: Smart Customized Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Pilot Plant and Industrialization facility

Approved MICA Funding: $726,948.00

H2nanO Incorporated

H2nanO Incorporated

Project description: Passive Sunlight Treatment for Managing Mining Process Water Risks

Approved MICA Funding: $315,780.00

waterStrider Treatment

WaterStrider Treatment Inc.

Project description: Amprey Removal of Dissolved Metals from Mine Water

Approved MICA Funding: $1,263,861.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Project description: HELIX Saturn: Amphibious Rover for Geotechnical Surveying of Tailings Storage Facilities

Approved MICA Funding: $1,194,568.00

Cheetah Networks

Cheetah Networks Inc

Project description: Visualization of Network Analytics in a Mine

Approved MICA Funding: $456,914.00



Project description: Smart Comminution in Mineral Processing

Approved MICA Funding: $487,123.00

Copperstone Technologies Ltd

Destiny Copper Inc

Project description: Destiny Code Green

Approved MICA Funding: $835,579.00

Rithmik Solutions Ltd

Rithmik Solutions Ltd.

Project description: Equipment Doctor

Approved MICA Funding: $577,834.00

EnviroMetal Technologies

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project description: Gold Recovery Circuit Pilot

Approved MICA Funding: $1,743,000.00

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.

Goldspot Discoveries Corp (Earth Labs Inc.)

Project description: Machine Vision for Geological Knowledge Extraction

Approved MICA Funding: $862,670.04

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Centre for Innovation in Mineral Resource Engineering

Project description: Multimodal Sensing System for Improved Productivity and Safety in Cave Mines

Approved MICA Funding: $108,158.00

Linnovative Soutions

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.

Project description: Mining In-Shift Management (M-ISM) Software Package

Approved MICA Funding: $279,940.00